We are a small commercial real estate development & brokerage company that has been in business since 1979.

We build modern, high tech buildings with an eye to creating the ideal environment for technologically based businesses. With many buildings already to our credit we have the right space to take businesses from their infancy all the way up to the corporate level, with leases designed to promote growth. Because the owner of the company is both the developer and the broker he is in a unique position to do this, eliminating the often-expensive middleman.

Our goal is to be flexible. Flexibility enables us to be the facilitator in the growth and future merger of companies in Professional, Medical, Research, and Technological fields.

You will have at your fingertips, one of the most highly educated work forces in the nation. Massachusetts has the highest concentration of colleges and universities in the nation, which have produced half of all the Nobel Prize winners in the country. With such a highly educated work force at your disposal,

Innovations and advancements in your field are not only possible, but probable. By developing new techniques and technologies you are assured to beat your competitors to market with your products and services. The environment that has been created in Western Massachusetts has kept the industrial revolution alive and well. The innovations of companies located here has resulted in an explosion of new products and services and has, in fact, resulted in the creation of entirely new fields such as biotechnology, computer software, advanced materials (such as polymer plastics) and telecommunications.

So whether you are a small biotechnology company or a large software manufacturer, you will find all the resources your company needs to leap into the new millennium and the perfect location to launch yourself from.

Right now we are in the process of completing the custom build out of the first new building in a concept called "Amherst Technology Park". The idea is to provide an exceptionally professional, aesthetic, high tech office park that will rival the technology and resources that are being offered in the best buildings being constructed today. The new Building is both a visual and an actual tribute to the technology that it will eventually house. With a beautiful geometric design and a total of over forty thousand square feet of usable space, all easily configurable with the latest in High -Tech communications, you may wonder why you have stayed in that old building with the outdated wiring system for so long. Even if you are located in a newer building, are you in a location as ideal as this one?

We feel that the very best aspect of this concept is location. Situated in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, between four major East Coast cities, and centrally located in the five-college area of Western Massachusetts, "Amherst Technology Park" will offer all the amenities of a big city in a pastoral rural setting, as well as providing an ideal location for Technologically based business.

The 10 acre "Park" is located, off Route 9, at University Drive, Amherst; is directly adjacent to the University of Massachusetts campus, on the Bus route, across from the Norwottuck Bike Trail Link. Some of the brightest minds in the nation are here; doesn't it make sense to offer them an exceptional location to embark on their careers? Doesn't it make sense to offer local companies an exceptional location with room to grow and expand?

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